The EventBh event Management software instantly prints professional, lightweight and colorful customized ID cards or badges for your attendees in seconds. EventBH Onsite badge printing delivers an efficient, professional and high quality experience to attendee. The App allows you to print Badges instantly as participant arrives to an event and creates your personalized badges with your photos and design. Choose a size and shape and start designing with EventBH badge printing app and discover all the possible ways to easily personalize your badges with us.

Explore digital printing of attendee badges and Feel the ease of printing online with personalized EventBH badge printing software.

Badge Printing

Personalize your Badges to Engage Your Attendees and Exhibitors with EventBH Badge Printing

EventBH badge printing app and discover all the possible ways to easily personalize your badges with us.

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Onsite Event Badge Printing

EventBH always customize great ID badges. Our professional full color ID badge printing can be extraordinarily affordable and generates a working return on investment, because it lends on expertise, impression of skill and company stability. We print high quality ID badges that look great and attract attention of your attendee that results without breaking your bank.

EventBh take the right size of badges on a right paper. The size of your badges has more to do with your goals than anything else; your ID badge must me comfortable to wearer yet conscious enough to be noticed easily. On the other hand right paper refers to the durability of your badges that completely EventBh’s responsibility. Our badge printing increases your events networking opportunity and upgrade attendees tracking with custom name badges and wristbands that can be chosen by Varity of options and layouts.

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FAQ’s About Onsite Badge Printing

What is Onsite Badge Printing ?

The Onsite Badge printing helps event planners to get out off the pain of creating attendees own name badges for hundred or even thousands of guest. Although EventBh allows event planners to design their badges by category, barcodes, QR codes, profile pictures, personal programs etc that all contributes to a better visitor and exhibitor experience.

What is the Price of Badge Printing ?

Our Badge printing pricing is depends upon the number of attendees on your event, further you can contact us for more information at

Why Should I Use Onsite Badge Printing ?

Onsite badge printing allows a superfast badge printing with the help of software. EventBH Onsite Badge printing creates beautiful personalized badges of your attendees in just 10-15 seconds. Therefore you can wave goodbye to those hated registration queues.

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