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Business Matchmaking Platform To Promote Networking

More Than Just Networking
Allow 1:1 sessions to create personal connections.
Target each campaing to the right users
Learn and optimize with A/B testing
Offer single or bulk codes

Business Matchmaking Services For Your Events

Events are all about networking and a business matchmaking helps encourage just that. No matterthe size or the industry of your events, EventBH has got you covered!
Promote real-time networking among attendees
AI-enabled software for effective matchmaking
Schedule meeting before and during the event
Allow 1:1 of group matchmaking

Score leads for identifying preferred profiles
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Use customized filters according to your event
Ensure exhibitors have a full schedule before the event
Empower exhibitors to capture the best leads
Create buyer/seller dashboards for real-time reporting
Effectively manage table/booth at tradeshows
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Let your 
events be the networking platform that your attendees always wanted.

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